Any regular reader of this column knows that VoC is one of the most important information points for companies that are in conflict with consumers today. Without it, product development and marketing teams will continue to make the same mistakes over and over again, wasting time and money making emotional decisions.

Informed product development decisions create more engaged customers. The best way to get consumers to buy your products is to unify them. Client Analysis Technologies with 3D Digital Product Innovation (DPC). Using these two functions together will increase investment, value and ROI, helping brands and retailers stay competitive in today’s fast-growing landscape.

Vosi can work with or without DPC at any stage of product development. However, mature companies that promote high-fidelity 3D models in the VOS process will have significant benefits. Using a “good, better, better” scale, using product photos at the end of sample development, VoC is a great way to help marketers make smart decisions about product selection and pricing. The best alternative is to use designs and artwork in the client process to provide design feedback. The best way to do this is to experiment with 3D assets and conceptually capture VoC. Customers can fully understand what the product looks like and product teams are given many opportunities to repeat based on the most important customer feedback. Testing 3D assets at the beginning of the process reduces the risk and reduces the cost of creating a sample, as the final “client approved” editions go into the sample creation pipeline.

Wolverine WorldWide, including Cohal, has been a major player in VoC’s marriage to the DPC.

And Mark and Spencer.

Lindsay Goodman, Wolverine International Customer Awareness Director, said the company’s product development calendar can be reduced by at least 40 percent and reduced by creating customer samples using customer-guided analysis and digital style testing. .

Dan Plus, Senior Vice President – Digital and Ecommerce At Kohl’s, wholesale partners will also benefit from giving their retail partners more confidence in their product choices. One of the best examples of consumer-led retailers, Kohl is constantly striving to find better ways to serve the customer by focusing on speculative analysis and digital product testing to make business teams more active.

Mark and Spencer saw a significant increase in conversion as they used 3D images instead of traditional 2D CADS. The London-based multi-retail retailer reported a 12 per cent increase in sales of tested products.

The benefits of VoC and DPC to consumer engagement and conversion are enormous. The best way to get started is to understand the impact and benefits that these processes can bring together. Considering where your company is currently located, the first step is to plan the key events that are key to success. The overall product development process helps to keep track of your organization’s metrics and efforts in practice and in business. The use of comprehensive, functional cooperation that takes into account the needs and interests of all stakeholders will create the conditions for successful change.