The new GM logo will be displayed in front of General Motors headquarters in Detroit, Michigan, March 16, 2021.

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Revenue season is approaching, and companies have informed investors and analysts about their growth plans for the next quarter.

For many companies, this has been an opportunity to show how they adapt to new realities, given the growing popularity of electric vehicles or the constant demand for semiconductor chips.

To this end, some Wall Street analysts have highlighted five companies with long-term prospects for investors, according to Tipranx, which monitors well-performing stockholders.

General Motors

The green storm has continued to spread in the industry, making many names difficult for many. While it may be more convenient for small, dynamic pure-game electric vehicles (EV) companies to focus on their compressed production, General Motors (G.M.) He did not intend to leave. (watch out General Motors Stock Analysis By TipRanks)

Daniel Eves, of Webbush Securities, reiterated the company’s bullshit hypothesis, saying the company was now being recognized on Wall Street for its major plans. Evi’s growing appetite, height integration skills for new innovative EVA story investors G.M. And in the coming years, the transition from a huge customer base to an electric vehicle represents an opportunity for change.

Ives estimated to buy the stock, and set a high price target of $ 85.

The analyst added that if the global chip shortage and memory problems with the Chevy Bolt are reduced, the company will have a clear drive to double its revenue by 2030. Promises, stock prices may move higher than targets.

Big plans are not the only thing in the GM belt, because “game changer” has developed an aluminum battery technology, which Ives believes will help capture market share. But he does not look at Tesla in advance (TSLA) The fall from the dominance of the startup industry.

In addition, GM has been developing software and services registration packages to connect to the EVs pipeline. In this field, Ives, who has a high chance of generating income for GM, is encouraged, noting that up to $ 2,000 a year can be generated by cars.

Out of more than 7,000 analysts, Financial Collector Tipranx Eves ranked No. 22. His ratings are 82% successful and an average of 64.3% per.

Web Development Company Wix (WIX) In the first half of the year, it suffered a major setback due to strong competition from the growth of online business and e-commerce. According to Mark Mehani, an Evercore ISI partner, those difficult times seem to be in the rearview mirror. “The world has not decided to stop building websites,” he said.

(watch out Risk Factors By TipRanks)

Mehani categorized the stock and set a price target of $ 255.

Analysts point to the company’s recent strong earnings report, which has had a significant impact on revenues and improved metrics in key sectors. Newly purchased users, average earnings per user and conversion rates are each higher than expected by the company.

During the VV-19 epidemic, global changes were echoed in the online footprint: He is encouraged Of Wicks Exposure to the global ecommerce sector believes that the company’s “Omanchanical Strategy from Total Pay Performance Expansion (ESC World Open) will allow Wexes to fully participate in the online business of double-tailed business. Digital is moving.”

Looking to the future, Mahani said that half of the company’s customers will still work in limited areas due to Covid-19. While relaxing on the limitations associated with the epidemic, Wix could see positive results on the bill.

TipRanks calculates Mehani with 62 more than 7,000 financial analysts. Of its ratings, 74% are successful, with an average of 57%.


As fierce battles continue, Netflix (NFLX) He has invested in innovations beyond the confines of the entertainment industry. The product and streaming service company has officially launched several mobile games as it expands to a completely new content category. According to JPMmogan Doug Anmutz, “NFLX It remains a big choice “and expects the fourth quarter to be a huge success for the stream. (See) Netflix Hedge Fund Activity By TipRanks)

Anmut “is looking forward to further strengthening the 4Q content board, moving beyond the epidemic, improving the current situation, and gaining more traction in the APAC, where the NFLX is less likely to enter.”

Analysts estimate that the stock will buy, and set a price target of $ 750.

In addition to the significant TV shows and movies produced in the last quarter of this fiscal year, long-term improvements are also included in Netflix’s stock acquisition plans. Consumers’ attention is shifting from traditional cable and satellite TV options to the company’s “expansion of global Internet connectivity devices.”

Anmut Netflix is ​​sure to continue to hit major markets such as China. Overall, NFLX content was popular around the world and is a “good club” that is expected to push the subscriber and revenue growth company to higher rankings.

More than 7,000 financial analysts calculate TipRanks Anmuth at number 112. His stock options were 69% correct and averaged 40.9%.


Consumer prices continue to rise despite rising inflation. This is good news for the square (S.K.Generate revenue from transactions through subscription hardware and software platforms. The company said it has entered into a number of other strategic business efforts, including the expansion of its finite services, crypto initiatives and high-end acquisitions. (watch out Square website traffic By TipRanks)

Tigrean Financial Partners Ivan Feinz details the company’s hypothesisSQ ‘Innovations will continue to promote and promote new products that take more than pay, accelerate capital return, accelerate greater economic profit and create value for stock.

Finez rated the stock and raised its price target from $ 295 to $ 310.

“Buy now, pay later,” said analyst Kare afterpay. Credit Karma Tax In an effort to transition to a well-established Fintech company. The company has been operating its banking services at home, which is expected to increase its overall profit margin. In addition, these purchases are expected to increase the integration of sellers and consumers into the platform ecosystem.

The massive consumer transition to non-payment options has delayed the square, allowing the company to report strong third-quarter earnings.

Finez No. 52 stands out among more than 7,000 analysts in the TipRanks database. It won 76% of the vote and has averaged 38.8% return in the last two years.


The shortage of semiconductors is plaguing many industries, especially in the automotive and smartphone sectors. Meanwhile, some companies designing chips are seeing impressive revenue and revenue in the midst of their demand. Nevia (NVDA) Published another quarterly estimates recently published, and analysts do not expect it to decrease anytime soon. (watch out Nvidia Revenue Date and Reports By TipRanks)

One of those bullies was written by Christopher Roland of the Susquehanna Financial Group. NVDA In at least two major markets, the record quarter saw a closed data center and game. He said the previous growth is expected to continue well until the fourth quarter. According to the analyst, “The data center was led by Hyperchargers for cloud computing, natural language processing and in-depth consulting models, and the enterprise continues to be driven by the vertical industry.”

Roland rated the stock, and offered a price target of $ 360.

The technology company is in high demand for network solutions, “High speed Internet. [network interface controllers], Quantum 2 converters and Bluefield 3 [data processing units]. ”

While the company’s gaming segment has been fruitful for the past quarter, Roland says it is difficult to predict the growth of the industry itself. However, the company’s graphics processing unit or GPU inventory could benefit from the increase. This example is expected by Roland in 2022.

Roland was confident in NVDA and said that “the equipment we consider to be a clean and convenient way to invest in GPU promises in the future is undergoing renovations.”

TipRanks is rated by more than 7,000 analysts, and currently ranks Round 6. The stock rated 87% of the time, with an average return of 56.9%.