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Transter has received an order from the Scandinavian Coastal EPC Company for the North Atlantic Coast Wind Farm Project. The wind farm will provide high-voltage electricity to major US cities with HVD technology from Bahir Dar.

Sustainable growth and success are the goals that translate across all sectors of the business. With additional goals, this project was well suited to achieve new goals, constantly developing new customer solutions and helping customers get the most value from their heat exchangers around the world.

“This unique project gives us the opportunity to contribute to the transition to sustainable energy sources and we can use our long-term knowledge in beach projects to provide value to our customers beyond the limits of heat exchangers,” said Stefan Gavelin, Director of Sales Marketing.

The Tranter supply range consists of three large titanium components for seawater / cooling medium heat exchangers to cool MEG (methyl ethylene glycol), which are used for other sensitive equipment such as transformers and generators.

“We offer more advanced switching indicators for dripping trays. This feature allows the customer to know the flow remotely, because these wind turbines are remotely controlled without offshore personnel to operate,” said Thomas Casier, sales manager at Global Accounts.

More coastal wind farming projects are on the horizon and Thomas Cassier sees the opportunity to use digital remote control of heat exchangers.

Thomas Cassier continued, “Our customers’ ability to remotely control their mobile devices shows that our digital product portfolio is important for long-term competitive advantage. The combination of using digital products and at the same time turning the page from fossil fuels to sustainable energy production is a strong asset to our team. ”

Sea News, November 8