Courage third-quarter net income increased 23%.. Reporting financial data for the third quarter of 2021; Courage Net income was $ 329.4 million, up 23 percent from the same period in 2020. Space revenue increased by $ 220.6 million, 21 percent compared to 2020 Q3 and digital revenue by $ 61.4 million, up 30 percent compared to the same period last year. A year ago. The quarterly operating revenue was $ 29.2 million compared to operations. A.D. $ 0.3 million loss in the third quarter of 2020. Courageous President and CEO David J. Field EBITDA grew by 58 percent in the third quarter, up 23 percent from last year and 8 percent in the second quarter, respectively. Over a year. While many advertising categories have been significantly affected by the epidemic, it is good to see an increasing number of categories beyond the 2019 spending levels. In October, we announced the purchase WideOrbitWe have just started a digital audio streaming and advertising technology business AmperWaveIt allows us to accelerate our digital product portfolio and increase our growth potential… and our podcast studios have a strong quarter of creative and core content development, including the first release of over 2,400 sports studios. Partnership with Effort, And hosted by ‘Success’ Friend Podcast. Kara Swisher In collaboration with HBO High. With a series of strategic breakthroughs, organic growth initiatives, structural improvements, skills enhancements and premium content, we will continue to grow and accelerate the growth of the enterprise to accelerate our growth and take advantage of the exciting opportunities in the ever-evolving audio market. . ”

Increasing Cumulus Audio Active Group October PPM audience. This week Cumulus Media Audio Active Group Blog focuses on the latest information. Nielsen Audio “As CV infections are declining, public fears about CVD are declining, and commuting to and from work, listening to American AM / FM radio has increased. In October 2021, the top 48 mobility markets. Other useful information includes: 1) Consumers are on the road in their cars; Geopat According to the US, in October 2021, the miles traveled will be 7% higher than in October 2019. Apple Maps October 2021 says driving search has increased 59% ahead of Covd. 2) US AM / FM radio had the most accessible performance after Covid, and by March 2020 it had recovered 99 percent of the PPM audience in PPM markets. 3) Nelson October 2021 PPM AQH audience increased to 96% from March 2020 levels, the second best since the outbreak. And 4) Morning audiences exploded to their highest level in 20 months. A year ago, women increased 25-54 AQH by 20% and adolescents AQH increased by 74%. over here.

Sirius XM Joe Madison announces hunger strike over Voting Rights Act. Morning Drive Talk Host Joe Madison He said a hunger strike had begun in protest of the lack of voting rights in the Senate. Madison – aka Black Eagle – Hosts Morning show on Sirius XMUrban View Channel says: “As a political protest today, I have started a hunger strike by abstaining from food until Congress passes. President Biden Signs, the law of freedom of choice or the John Lewis Voting Rights Development Act. Both bills were recently approved by the House of Representatives, and both are in the Senate. Madison added, “I call it basically a hunger for the right to vote. And that began on this day. And just as food is needed to sustain life, the right to vote is essential to sustain democracy. Yes, my life is important. It is a matter of my health, but our right to choose is more important.

Outkick with Skyview Networks for advertising and affiliate marketing, content distribution. The new relationship between OutKickSports News Network and Skyview Networks The latest network ad offers Outkick sales, affiliate sales, and content distribution, starting with the Outkick 360 program. Jonathan Haton, Chad Wierow And Paul Kuharsky. Founder of Outkick Clay Travis It says, “We are thrilled to be working with Skyview to expand and reach OutKick. Since the OutKick 360 show, we have been working with our best talent to bring accuracy, vision and fun back to Sports Radio. Radio is the core of OutKick, and we could not ask for better partners than Skyview to grow our network. Skyview COO and President Steve Jones He added, “We are excited to work with OutKick to launch a new sports network that offers dynamic and fun programming for radio stations that raise standards and revenue. OutKick’s engaging and knowledgeable hosts will be matched by Skyview’s # 1 local play-by-play sports layout on Network Radio to capture game revenue sponsorship with sports betting analysis with their fan-first view.

Biden’s low acceptance ratings, supply chain / inflation / gas prices, COVID-19, January 6 investigation, Kovid travel ban lifted, Chinese military attack and astrological investigation from major news / talk stories yesterday (11/8). President Joe BidenWhile Americans say it does not focus on the most important issues, the allowable rate is as low as 38%. Broken global supply chain outcomes, rising retail prices and record high gas prices; The size of the CV-19 cases in the U.S., the appellate court’s decision to suspend the Biden vaccine, and the controversial case Aaron Rogers; Investigation into the January 6 Capitol attack; US lifts international travel ban; Chinese war games using American Shipwreck; And an investigation into the Houston-based astronomical concert yesterday revealed that some of the most talked about stories on the news radio yesterday were from TALKERS Magazine.

Fox News Audio has a talk show host.. Of Fox News Audio Division Fox News is looking for a creative talk show host to be part of a growing national radio program and podcast. The talk show producer – based in New York City – develops and executes ideas, offers strong story choices, caters to visitors and promotes the show, social media platforms and websites. See and apply for more information about this place over here.

Fox News wants an audio podcast editor. There is an opening for a podcast producer. Fox News Audio. This will include developing New York City-based workplace ideas, producing news stories and working with FOX News Channel talent daily and weekly podcasts. They direct booking, edit distribution scenes, and create high-quality products every day with production teams. In addition to their productive work, they direct creative work on social media posts and websites to promote their products. Find out more and apply over here.

FOX News Media has a radio reporter.. Washington DC Office Fox News Needs an experienced, full-time reporter. The successful candidate covers FOX News Audio (FOX News Headlines 24/7 and FOX News Terrestrial Radio) covering various political, government and congressional stories. You have strong journalism skills and will grow up in a fast-paced, time-bound environment. Best of all, you have excellent editorial judgment and the ability to break important news stories. Learn more about this place and apply over here.

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