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Epicor updated ERP Software for Manufacturers, Kinetic, a package of Cloud Enterprise Services, new e-commerce features, and a set of tools to improve productivity and user experience.

The company, which typically targets small and medium-sized businesses, has focused this update on large manufacturers. Updating Proheet 21 ARP package for distributors offers similar improvements.

Cloud Features focuses on global operations.

The new Cloud Enterprise Service Package aims to meet industry-specific Material Materials (BOMs) and Material Input Plan (MRP) requirements and provides a customizable cloud infrastructure designed to support global production and related processes.

The new package is designed to give manufacturers flexibility in managing and managing multiple plants and facilities around the world.

The Kinetic ERP update also includes enhanced productivity features and modules. One of the combinations in the collection is the addition of the Epicor CPC, formerly known as KBMax. Configure, Price and Quote (CPQ) tools are typically designed to help sales teams offer customers a variety of product options.

The new CPQ tool uses visual techniques to make it easier for customers to handle complex production rules, synchronize BOMs, and speed up quotes.

According to Ray Wang, founder and chief analyst of stellar research, CPQ devices are in demand when manufacturers switch to direct sales. “Manufacturers need the ability to go directly to the consumer. Business, CPC and offerings like KBMax are allowing new digital revenue generation models,” he said.

The improved CPQ app will enable sales representatives to guide customers in product configuration, pricing and quote generation, explains Jordan Jewell, research director at Digital Marketing and Enterprise Apps at IDC. “Increasingly, CPQ applications are being used in a customer-friendly way, where business customers can go through these steps in their own way and even place the order themselves. The order will be sent directly to ERP.”

Kinetic also connects to a reference tool for steel manufacturers now known as Sectura FAB. The upgrade will allow customers to speed up the pricing process, saving running time and other operating costs, the company said.

Epicor has introduced Epicor EDI, a B2B integration module that allows companies to connect directly to e-commerce sites such as Amazon and eBay. According to Epicor, this allows users to easily enter a large number of commands and automate the order submission process, allowing instant visibility and accelerated execution.

The EDI update could be used more in the future, Jewell said. “Currently, many manufacturers that sell directly to consumers manage storage standards and orders between systems manually or on spreadsheets. The EDI link needs to be more automated to make the inventory more accurate and to make orders faster.

Epicor has improved the kinetic ERP user experience by adding new enhancements. Low code And a code platform with 56 hands-on training modules to allow enterprise users to quickly receive newly released tools and features.

Prophet 21 has been updated for larger distributors

The company has also updated its Cloud ERP distributors, Nebi 21. The Corona virus outbreak has disrupted the supply chain globally, and the need for flexible and cloud-based productivity platforms is greater than ever, Epicor said in a statement. Update.

Like the Kinetic ERP update, this update includes a cloud enterprise service package for large companies. Provides independent cloud infrastructure, customized upgrade program, additional management capabilities, additional database access and specialized premium support knowledge for more autonomous management.

The package of services will bake more cloud capacity, which will allow for more autonomy in the cloud infrastructure, but the modular design will allow enterprises to be individually installed and scaled, Epicor said.

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