Shubhi Bhonsle-Rao, the founder and CEO of Upville

Uplevyl, Austin-based technology company App and digital platform for professional women It started last Tuesday.

Shubhi Bhonsle-Rao is the founder and CEO of Upplville, a former CEO of Alphabet, Tesco, PricewaterhouseCoopers and Ford Motor Company. She is a board member of the Board of Directors of Open Credit, International Development Center, International Women’s Research Center, and a member of the Federal Reserve’s San Francisco Advisory Council.

In the Silicon Hills News’ Ideas to Invoices podcast, Rao said she wants to build a digital product for women who benefit from technology and data.

“I was in Silicon Valley and the technologist inside me is now alive,” Rao said. “I was in ecology; It is about building.

Products and information and the whole world of startups.

During her tenure, Rao received her MBA and spent 20 years working for large corporations and grew up in Austin.

Rao also saw great interest uplevyl.

“Because one thing in the back of my mind was worrying and worrying about living in Silicon Valley and how that place was dominated by men,” Rao said. “And, moreover, how our data is being used.”

“For me, as a working mother and having spent my life in various stages of life, I wondered why so many digital technologies are being built by women. And so, at that moment in my life, I thought I could complain about it. But I am also one of the STEM women who can really come out and build the product. And that is what really motivated me. ”

Uplevyl offers original ad-free content, including videos, podcasts, columns, and title-based virtual classes where members can learn from each other and from international industry experts, leaders and consultants. The content is specifically based on the needs of the members.

Appleville held its opening ceremony on Tuesday night at the Van Zandt Hotel in downtown Austin. Participants include Collet Burnett, President of the University of Histon Tiliton University, and Cheryl Cole, CEO and Texas Representative. The event was attended by Patricia Green, former director of the Office of Women in the US Department of Labor, founder and president of the Texas Women and Minority Contractors Association, and Jill Schalkeford, co-founder of Sophia “Puff”. Cub America

Upwall founder and CEO Shubhi Bhonsle-Rao at the launch of the company’s Van Zandt Hotel in Austin

“It was a wonderful night,” she says, “not only because we had so much wine and food but also because people really wanted to do what we did.”

In a presentation on the billing podcast, Rao spoke about how high the global audience is.

“If we really think we are international citizens, we must engage in international dialogue,” Rao said.

Upville launch party at the Van Zandt Hotel in downtown Austin

When women do well, families do well and communities do well, Rao said. She said that the meaning of society should be universal in nature.

Rao has lived a much richer life as a result of her international contacts.

Upville has a lot of men working with the organization and that is the key, says Rao. Uplevyl says it’s about diversity.

“These energy partners, male or female, are surprisingly important and useful,” Rao said.

Uplevyl produces high-quality content for professional women such as videos, podcasts and more, says Rao. She says there is already a lot of content but it is difficult to find and is not tailored to the specific needs of women. Upville says she wants to fill that gap.

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