A woman is waiting to vote at George Marshall High School on Election Day, November 2, 2021, at Fall Church, Virginia.

Andrew Caballero-Reynolds | AFP | Getty Images

Rich businessman Glen Yangkin overthrew Virginia’s Republican control in a race that saw the state’s largest voter turnout in recent history.

Elections closed at 7 p.m. on Tuesday.

More than 55% of Commonwealth’s 5.9 million voters cast their ballots on or before Election Day, according to the Virginia Department of Election. This number may increase as the final votes are counted in the next few days.

According to NBC forecasts, 99% of the vote is expected, with Yangkin receiving 50.7% of the vote, while former Democratic challenger Terry Makulif received 48.3%.

This year’s voter turnout was higher than in Virginia’s 2017 presidential election, with 47.6 percent of the state’s nearly 5.5 million voters casting ballots. This year’s turnout is at least the highest in the region since 1997.

Experts say high voter turnout is a result of early access to the Commonwealth and Yangkin and McAlif’s massive campaign boxes.

Early voting in Virginia Tap high record. According to TargetSmart, at least 1,137,656 voters cast their ballots early on October 30 before election day. This is about six times the number of votes cast in 2017.

The ruling party has so far won 35 percent of the vote in this year’s election, both in person and by post, NBC reported.

In the 2020 CV-19 cases across the United States, Virginia temporarily approved early election options.

Rangf Norzham, a successful Democrat, has signed a law in April 2020 that allows registered Virginia voters to cast their ballots without delay and to vote 45 days before election day. These early elections took place during the presidential election in November of that year.

Before the 2020 election, early voting in Virginia lasted seven days and an excuse was needed.

Karen Hult, a professor of political science at Virginia Tech, said that widespread pre-election contributions contributed to the overall turnout in the election.

“One of the reasons is that the voting rules have changed – there is nothing wrong with the vote now and there is no room for early voting,” he said, adding that such options make it easier for people to vote.

The high cost of campaigning from Yangkin and Macaulay could increase voter turnout, Halt said.

Virginia is one of the top ten states with no restrictions on individual donors for political candidates Richmond Times Shipping. It is also one of the five states with no restrictions on corporate contributions, and is one of 18 states where government party committees have no restrictions on donations.

Both candidates have used Virginia’s loose campaign finance law.

According to the latest data from the Virginia Public Access Project, Carlyl Group, former CEO of International Investment Company, has a $ 49 million campaign. He entered the Republican field with a fortune of about $ 440 million, and invested $ 20 million in his campaign.

The soon-to-be-elected governor received more than $ 2 million from the Republican Party of Virginia and $ 10.5 million from the Republican Governors Association, Open Secrets reported last week.

The McAuliffe campaign raised $ 55 million.

The Democratic Party of Virginia has donated about $ 4.4 million to the campaign, according to the Virginia Public Access Project. And the Democratic Governors Association has donated a total of $ 6.7 million to the McAuliffe campaign since last week, according to Open Secrets.

The proceeds from both campaigns were used primarily to mobilize their party bases for worse television and digital advertising.

Yangkin spent the campaign Many political contributions to advertisingThe Virginia Public Access Project has more than $ 21 million in television, radio and digital advertising, and more than $ 9.7 million. Similarly, the McAuliffe campaign spent $ 31 million and $ 6.2 million on digital advertising on TV and radio.

“The record-breaking amount was at the expense of the candidates,” Helt said, adding that the massive campaign fund “will increase the number of votes.”

As votes continue to gather, Yangkin is set to replace incumbent Ralph Nortam, a Democrat who was not re-elected this year and will bar Virginia’s governors from serving in successive terms. On January 15, 2022, Yangkin officially took office as the 74th Governor of Commonwealth.

An unnamed former businessman, Yangkin has sold himself as a politician by rallying the Commonwealth voters on hot issues such as schools and keeping his distance from former President Donald Trump.

A year ago, President Joe Biden led the state with 10 points, ending a series of Democratic defeats in Virginia. The difficult road ahead For the party in the middle of next year.

When asked by President Joe Biden in Virginia about Macawolif’s loss, he called on his own party to move quickly to reach an agreement on the legislative agenda.

“People want us to do things,” he said when asked about Democrats in the Commonwealth. “They want us to get things done. That’s why I continue to push hard for the Democratic Party to go along and approve my infrastructure bill and my Build Back Better account.”