Singapore, November 3, 2021 (PRNewswire) – Visa, the world’s leading provider of digital payments, is looking for jobs from scratch. Asia Pacific To join the second group of their speed program. The Visa Acceleration Program focuses on helping beginners. Asia Pacific For starters, expanding their business to new markets with a focus on identifying business opportunities to partner with Visa and a wide range of banking, business and government partners in the region.

“As the world shifts from the epidemic to the extreme, there is a great need for digital-first practices to shape new thinking and create open information around digital currency. And many beginners have developed innovations to take advantage of these opportunities,” he said. Chris ClarkThe president of the region, Asia PacificVisa. “With Visa, we want to support these initiatives by moving them from the local success story to the regional player, providing guidance and connections to explore the complexities of entering new markets.”

Of Visa Emergency Program It is designed for beginners who have started successful solutions in their home market but are looking to the next stage of development. As a universal network, it is specially designed to help visa beginners get into new geography and reach new customer groups.

Financial activity, digital currencies, open data and B2B as key focus areas

Expectations from consumers and businesses for digital-first-time experiences have increased, and beginners in the 2022 group will be able to meet the most pressing financial and technology opportunities in. Asia Pacific:

  • Facilitate and expand financial transactions between consumers, businesses and governments to enable new ways to pay and pay locally and internationally

  • Delivery and acceptance of new creative payment methods such as digital currency

  • Utilize an open information environment to enable advanced decision-making and scoring skills in digital identity, licensing management, credit rating, and risk and fraud management.

  • Offer unique and personalized shopping experiences with new credit models, Buy Now, Pay later, and Loyalty Solutions

  • Accelerate the digitization of businesses by streamlining credit solutions and developing mobile-first solutions for supply chain management

Helping beginners grow their business

Visa introduced the instant program Asia Pacific In December 2020. Starting with the first team, it includes Fintech Brancas, which provides financial software and solutions. Curlec, a subscription management platform that facilitates recurring payments and fees; DigitSecure, an all-channel acceptance platform; ModusBox, an open source platform for real-time payments and an open, neo-banking platform for small businesses. The beginners He concluded their movement with a product expansion For hundreds of visa customers and partners in the region.

Join the program

Apps open. November 3, 2021 And close January 9, 2022, When the program starts April 2022. The Visa Acceleration Program is a new part of the new Visa Extensive Platform and Activities for the Beginner Community. Asia Pacific. With a commitment to support global expansion, the Visa Acceleration Program is ideal for startup series A and above, long-term commitment Asia Pacific They have growth and existing jobs in the region, and a market-proven, proven solution. For more information, including how to apply, visit:

About Visa Inc.

Visa Inc. (NYSE: V) is the world leader in digital payments. Our mission is to connect the world with the most innovative, secure and secure payment network – enabling individuals, businesses and economies to prosper. Our Advanced Global Processing Network Visa offers secure and secure payments worldwide and can handle more than 65,000 transaction messages per second. The company’s relentless focus on innovation is accelerating the growth of digital marketing for everyone everywhere. As the world transitions from analog to digital, Visa is implementing our brand, products, people, network and scale to reshape future businesses. Visit the website for more information About visas, And @VisaNews.

Appendix A – 2021 Visa Acceleration Program Price Selection

Todd Schweizer, Co-Founder and CEO, Brankas

“The highlight of the program was that we were able to see our products in the market directly with our bank partners – Visa has taken a step-by-step approach to partnering with Brancas and launching new products with us.”

Zac Liew, Co-Founder and CEO, Curlec

“Our experience with visas has been unparalleled – so that we can work with us at this speed, considering their size, it has exceeded all expectations.”

Seshu Kulkarni, CEO, DigitSecure

“Visa product and market insights, executive consulting and technical knowledge have helped strengthen our digital security, expand our marketing strategy, increase product visibility, and open doors for new customers.”

Steve Haley, Director of Economic Development, ModusBox

“The contribution of the visa team has been tremendous. They have amassed wealth from technology to development in the Asia-Pacific region.”

Anish Ashutan, Co-Founder and CEO, Open

“It took us two to three years to get in. Southeast Asia And we have been able to do this in six months with the help of visa-assisted marketing and integrated procedures and keeping the product with customers.

Source Visa Inc.