Swift, a streamlined simplicity that delivers the features customers want from their shopping experience – and Volumental, a technology company that provides fully integrated 3D scanning and data processing tools, is leading that charge in the shoe industry.

Arthur Zachkiwich, Editor-in-Chief of Frechal Studios, joins Volumental CEO Alper Edemir in the recent release of the “Ideal Leadership Laboratory”. Mike Vangotham, senior production director and GM at Red Wing Shoe Co .; And Rick Lania, Senior Manager, Digital Product Management at New Balance, to discuss the major challenges and pain points around size in the shoe department.

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Volumental aims to “rejuvenate the experience” through its testing technology solutions for shoes, including a 3D retail scanner and additional mobile application that will improve the customer experience and guide the retail shoppers’ experience.

Adidas shoes Adjusting shoes is a very complex problem and if I am right it is a very complicated problem. There are obvious size differences between brands, but also within brands, and sometimes in the same style.

Lania adds that the return of online buyers is a big problem in the industry. “It varies from region to region, but we have some markets in Europe, with really big brackets – when people buy large quantities and then return what they are not wearing. Trying to reduce as much as possible is a big expense for us.

Bracing is a common symptom of foot pain, he said, adding that it may contribute to further damage to the planet. “We know the main reason for these returns is size and fit,” he said.

And on behalf of the product side, Vangote said there is inconsistency in measurements in the footwear industry:

There are some ancient methods or technologies of how to make it comfortable for the consumer (i.e. standard foot measuring instruments, such as the Brannock instrument, the metal shoe gauge is very familiar, which can only measure length) and width).

Credit: Aurora Horwood

Credit: Aurora Horwood

Aurora Horwood / Volumental

“There are better options for customer satisfaction,” Vangote said. “Consumer engagement, not just size, length and width – you have to look at the whole leg and the variability in the foot. We are trying to better represent what it means to be user-friendly, and it is the whole leg, and even the difference between the legs.

Add-ons are emphasized online, for example, personal preferences of size or fit that can be determined without trying on shoes, adds Lania. And over-the-counter products, such as practical end-use items, are baked in consumer travel because it is difficult to buy shoes designed for a specific purpose or type of fitness online, ”Vangote said.

That is why Volumental Solutions solves the problem when a full 3D foot shape with an error of less than one millimeter is achieved by setting at least a dozen parameters. You will learn what the algorithm recommends based on past consumer information and what it suggests for specific foot types.

In terms of pricing ideas, the company considers three main things for retailers: finding customers, retaining them, and creating sustainable customer experiences.

“It is common to see 98% of people being scanned leave their email addresses and profile. The idea of ​​value is that you get this 3D [image] “If you create the profile,” he added, “it is a very compelling piece of data.”

As far as I’m concerned, it’s all about custom talks with buyers. Once the profile is created, all communications are private to the client, and Aidmir consumers generally get a 3D scan of their feet about five times in several months and the overall experience is shared and fun. “Our job is to make this information more relevant to them,” he said.

Vangote added that the information could be taken one step further. “For us, in terms of product design, we use some of that test data, but we want to influence future product design and development – that goes back to the perspective of the consumer,” he said.

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