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  • Adding another retailer to its list of partners, Hemis and Hermes Health, in partnership with Walgreens, is offering Tele Health’s personal care products to customers online and in more than 7,000 stores. The company announced Thursday.
  • As part of the deal, Hems and Hers will distribute the supplement, sexual health products and health products online in early November and mid-November at selected stores.
  • For Hems and Hers, he said in a press release that the partnership with Walgreens is part of the company’s efforts to reach a wider consumer market.

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In collaboration with Hemers and Hermes, Walgreens is expanding access to digital and brick and mortar telecommunications. In June, the company He developed his sexual health, hair care and other personal care products. Urban Outfitters via the Urban Outfitters website for the first time when you enter the men’s makeup category. The company announced plans to sell last month Hair care products with Vitamin Shop Website and 280 stores.

In addition to adding more retailers to the list of online and offline partners, the company has introduced new products and services to consumers. Between agreements with Urban Outfitters and Vitamin Shop, Hems and Hers Hems unveiled the One-Night Anti-Aging Duo and Hers Clear Skin System At the end of September. The company said it will consult with medical professionals to find out which products are best suited for their products.

“We are proud to work with one of the largest and most respected health and safety chain chains in the United States to support the health and well-being of every community in the United States,” said Melissa Bard, chief operating officer of Hems and Heritage. Press release. “This in-store and online collaboration will enable us to further simplify health-related topics by helping more people find solutions for our personal care and sexual health and wellness.”

Retail expansion Hems and Hermes will come less than a year after launching its official business. October 2020 He signed an agreement with Oaktree Acquisition Corp., A special purpose acquisition company, to trade publicly. The two companies They completed their merger in January.

Hems and Hers announced in the recent quarter Net income increased by 69 percent. By $ 60.7 million a year, the number of subscribers has grown by more than 75 percent over the same period last year. The company’s net loss rose from $ 957,000 to $ 9.2 million a year ago.

And while Walgreens distributes Hems and Hermes personal care products, the pharmacy chain’s approach to health differs from its peers. Worked with. Birchbox And Health and beauty products are emphasized In places in the UK, however, the retailer did not go as far as its competitor CVS. Stop selling tobacco products. Although it provides health care services in stores.

Robert Walkins Group is pleased to announce that Walgreens is the largest pharmaceutical chain with more than 7,000 locations to transport Hermes and Hermes products to date. As we strive to be a leading partner, this partnership will expand our consumer-centered health and safety offerings to our users in a fun and affordable way. “