Last Thursday, Mark Zuckerberg made a landmark visit during a visit to Facebook’s parent company Meta. vice versa– The next chapter of the hypothetical Internet, a unified space, a combination of digital and physical reality — video presentation for Facebook 2021 event. Meters in former Zuckerberg Given in incoming calls“It’s not just about looking, it’s about the Internet you are experiencing,” he said. Users can connect and explore “in different levels of reality” by imagining a concert with a friend in a virtual reality or by collaborating with a partner hologram on the table.

Zuckerberg’s optimism, when he visited this imaginary world, was in stark contrast to the realities of the company. According to leaked Facebook documents, Facebook has been aware of the damage that social networking sites are doing to Instagram, from aggravating teens to Facebook. It promotes false information and ideological extremism. Through the algorithm news feed. Zuckerberg’s Meta version pillar is a distraction from the unpopular press cycle, but it shows a very long-term strategy. Zuckerberg seems to be ready to give up all of the company’s concerns, such as distant and irrelevant history. It focuses on a new, better world, where Facebook’s simple problems can be easily solved, more Facebook – sorry, meta – in all areas of our lives.

Strictly composed and robotic script, Zuckerberg’s video looks more like a prophetic prophecy than a commercial. Zuckerberg does not look like a little man wearing a wax-covered skin and shiny eyes, a signature black long-sleeved shirt and jeans, rather than the model he uses to portray immersive 3D experiences. Methavas explains that in a sunny tone, which represents drug sales, it will be less rigid and more organic than the current version of the Internet. “Your devices will no longer be the focus,” he said, noting that Facebook and Instagram are some of the most addictive targets on our devices. Metvas will be “more natural and clear,” he continues. “You feel like you’re together, not just on your own computer, but in a different world.”

Throughout the event, Zuckerberg focused on the concepts of “presence” and “common sense,” which could provide us with a way to penetrate the Internet instead of letting metavers get in the way. Strengthening Discretion — Very little technology can be seen in large homes and offices. Designed by Charles and Ray Ems. The hardest thing to realize is the fact that to find this hypothetical world requires you to sit on your couch and wear a VR headset and wear movement tracking gloves – not a particularly “natural” situation. According to a single reference to “Immersive Full-Day Experiences,” Zuckerberg expects us to be able to participate directly for many hours, in addition to helping us escape mediation technology. Work, leisure, intimacy, and even education – they are all Meta Varsity fodder. Zuckerberg emphasizes that Metavers facilitates “the most important connection with people,” as he once said on Facebook.

In essence, Meta Fantasy seems to be less of a radical leap forward than the second-world version of the online co-construction game since 2003. Times, Amanda Hess Described The atmosphere at Zuckerberg’s show is like an imaginary retirement community where the last millennium is coming to an end. From a theoretical point of view, there is no such thing as Zuckerberg Meters. Unknown, flat and banal, Netflix is ​​a dream universe that looks no different than a three-dimensional view. Models look like Pixar characters. Possible functions are more or less child-like while playing cards in a virtual space with all your friends, while living in robot mode. Organizing an amazing party on a large cake landscape; With added-on: reality glasses exploring the imaginary solar system planned for the sky; And a visit to a makeup salon designed by a makeup artist to reflect your personal brand. Do such offers really deceive us into wearing VR headphones?

Zuckerberg is deeply hurt by the acknowledgment that technology is yet to be implemented and that any implementation should be open, a partnership between different companies and platforms. And by the way, the self-proclaimed meta seems to be planning to create all the underlying tools and infrastructure. According to Zuckerberg, the company will build Meta Varsity tools, software for developers to design their experience, and marketplaces where creators can sell their virtual products and buy users, perhaps not. Zuckerberg frequently mentioned fungible tokens. Irrespective of their openness or interaction in metavers (the ability to use the same digital products on platforms), such offerings allow meta to profit from each transaction. It’s not hard to get a message to shareholders in Zuckerberg’s video, as he did in the Twenty-Ten social network versions, and he controls this new space.

When you live in the “layers of reality” predicted in Meta, there are some experiences in real life, in the boring old physical world. Others occur in a mixed zone, with digital content covering our perception of the physical and others completely within the digital sphere. What Zuckerberg’s approach ignores is that we live in a world of digital and physical integration, as we have been for more than a decade now. Algorithm Digital platforms – including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Spotify TiktokAnd Amazon — in social media, we influence news, we feed culture, we get jobs, we work hard and we spend money. Although we communicate only in the physical world, we do all of this in a way that resonates with us, both physically and digitally. All you need to do is speed up your campaign to free your GameStop stock, post “something wrong” on social media, or “Tick Talk Britney Spurs”. all of them.

Zuckerberg’s Meters version provides, finally, a way to show the mixed-reality world created by digital platforms. The problem is that anything built on those platforms or by similar stakeholders can suffer from the same problems we now know – especially in the hands of people like Zuckerberg. Who among us wants to live in another world? At one point in the video, he sits in a leather chair as the president speaks to the people. “We have years to come,” he said. Message is a confirmation message When average users set up metavers — this is inevitable — they will search for meta and build the most popular version. It’s a design novel in the Facebook Connection video – it’s not a show of real technology, it’s a reminder of the possible interpretation one day. Zuckerberg’s future is as certain as it seems. In the end, it is the corporations, not the corporations, that determine his vision.

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