WordPress themes are designed for a variety of purposes. Some are for blogging only, some are for magazine type layout, and some are for small businesses.

In this article, we will look at some of the major WordPress features that may be suitable for your small company.

DV theme

The theme of DV was around the ban. It is updated several times a year.

It supports more than 800 different displays to present multiple template designs in their current state or as a jump-off point.

Page developer included. This is a game changer for companies that want to take the first position and then remove the elements and add a special spin. However, hiring a web studio to take the original layout and customize it to your specifications shortens the normal design time by several weeks. If this concept appeals to you, contact the agency, for example https://vududigital.co.uk/.

Generating theme

Of Generating theme It is considered a simple theme, a simple theme.

Although the basic design lacks complex, overly rhythmic bells and whistles, it provides a good starting point. Also, because it does not have to be highly efficient, it can be downloaded quickly even on the cheapest web hosting.

Free and premium GP version available. Both are well supported on the developer platform. Also, there is a GenerateBlocks plugin that allows you to build custom pages without slowing down.

Astra theme

Of The theme of Astara Available for free or premium option. The Premium Option offers more than 300 beginner templates to offer a unique design for your business or other venture. Not all are perfect for your business, but most will.

Mobile-friendly theme, tools for designing both top and bottom, color customization This theme is compatible with many page developers such as Gutenberg and Elementator.

Additionally, it is compatible with WooCommerce, a standard e-commerce plugin for WordPress. Therefore, it will be easier to set up an online sale.


Of Enterprise theme Provides clean views and support for a complete business site from my theme store. The homepage can contain a variety of product or service information, and can use graphic elements that draw key characters and objects into jazz.

Optimized for mobile service, color selection, customization, pricing tables and email select login are all here. Only the information on the homepage needs to be completed and the logo added ready to launch in no time.


Of Untouched theme Updated frequently to provide the latest features.

The theme comes with 12 different displays to evaluate and decide which template design would be best for your site. These include one for business, selling digital products, running an agency, a product / service sales page from advertising clicks and more.

Specially designed portfolio pages allow creative agencies and others to present and present them as attractively as possible.

Each of the above features can be perfectly tailored to your business needs. Play with the screens to see which theme offers the desired effect. Also, remember, they can be customized using page developers and built-in theme options.