Average salary (per year) $ 100,000

Roles and responsibilities Cloud Product Manager has specific responsibilities in the cloud environment, such as creating or integrating existing products and services. The candidate must conduct an industry or market study to determine the product’s demand, product location, and product availability. Standard business issues need to be created with product descriptions, leading to product strategies, documentation strategies and beta deployments. The manager is responsible for the entire life cycle of the Cloud products, internal training, sales and product portfolio development. In order to manage products efficiently, the person must analyze, define, and report on some key benefits.


  • BS or MS in Computer Science, Engineering or any other domain
  • Adequate experience with a variety of products and services in the cloud
  • Successful product launch experience through messaging, communication and campaigns
  • Experience and knowledge with VMWare and AWS products
  • A clear understanding of the products and the cloud computing industry
  • Excellent analytics, product marketing and communication skills

Advanced Online Courses

Product Management Certification Program from Udmi Collection This course will help you build a product roadmap from industry experts through consumer research, prototyping and product analysis. The duration of this certified course is 6 to 10.5 months with three specialized tracks and three specialists. This offers more than 200 hours of instruction, more than 15 studies and assignments, and more than 15 live question and answer sessions for candidates.

Digital Product Management Leaving Modern Basics from Coursera ፡ As a product manager, this course aims to be a successful way of life by focusing on the skills and needs of regular practice, product management, managing new products and services, and highlighting existing products. Interested candidates can cover this course in 11 hours with 72 videos and three questions for four weeks.

Product Management for AI and Data Science Course from UdemyThis course is perfect for becoming a successful cloud product manager with five hours of videos, six downloadable inputs, and a lot of work. Looking for cloud product managers can be a bridge between business needs and technical-focused AI staff, product management role, exploring the entire life cycle and improving team relationships.

Top institutions offering the program

  • Master of Digital Product Management from the Barcelona School of Technology
  • Executive Program Data Management Product Management from IM Luckow and Willie
  • Executive Education in Digital Product Management from Questrom Business School

Top employers for this job

Netflix tears Netflix has become the world’s leading streaming entertainment service with more than 280 million subscribers in more than 190 countries. It follows human philosophy in the process using bitrate streaming technology that adjusts video and audio quality to the client’s real-time network connection.

Goldman Sachs: Goldman Sachs Group is one of the world’s leading financial institutions for all types of clients such as investment banking, securities, consumer banking and many more. The goal is to promote sustainable economic growth and financial opportunities around the world.

Walmart Global Tech Defensive Walmart Global Tech is a leading computer software company that offers innovations to improve customer acquisition and build 2.2 million affiliates within Walimar. It uses disruptive technologies to effectively process and deliver low-cost ELDPs on a daily basis, such as cloud, data, development and security.

Tiktok weep Although banned in India, it is the primary destination for short-term mobile videos and creative expression. Expressing their wisdom, talents, and creativity to millions of fans is a popular pastime of the Millennium.

Spotify ፡ Spotify is the world’s most popular audio streaming service and the largest revenue stream for the music business. The purpose is to provide a platform for music to open up people’s creativity. Includes the Spotify Solutions catalog foundation team, which provides high quality metadata catalog. Spotify helps him create and win competition with new content experiences.

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