The launch of Consortium Benchmarking

Consortium Benchmarking What are the proven success factors for digital product development?

Editor: Alexander Stark

Germany – RWTH Aachen University WZL supports companies by identifying proven success metrics for digital product development.

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The launch of Consortium Benchmarking “Digital Product Development” will take place on December 14, 2021.

What digital support options are available in product development and how can digital tools be used to increase efficiency? How to share information about various development projects and products? How do digital verification methods change the understanding of the verification process and how should a company adapt to implement digital development?

These questions have become increasingly important in the development of manufacturing companies, as digital product development provides significant benefits to the efficiency and speed of development processes. Therefore, it is no longer a voluntary act, but an obligation.

However, the development of digital product development is not only promising but also challenging. RWTH Aachen University Machine Tools and Manufacturing Engineering Laboratory (WZL) is conducting an international consortium benchmarking study with the Academy of Complex Management to identify new strategies, concepts and examples to successfully implement digital product development.

Partners want “Digital Product Development” for Concert Benchmarking!

As partners, interested companies can determine the focus of the benchmarking study and address related questions to answer as part of the study. These questions translate into the question of the activities of companies from various industries in the area of ​​digital product development.

Among those who returned, those companies were identified as having successfully implemented aspects of digital product development. The concert will visit these companies to learn about promising trends and discuss with the experts of the companies. Next, the reasons for the successful implementation of digital product development will be identified, which can be used by the partners in their companies.

RWTH Aachen University WZL and Complex Management Academy are still looking for companies that want to make their product growth more sustainable and part of the partnership. The competition will be held on December 14, 2021.

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