Thanks to the power of technology, there are many modern problems, “There is an app for that!” Can be presented in the phrase. Need a taxi? What to wear? Bite to eat? There is an app, a website, an Internet-based service that can solve your problems and make life so much easier. Today, there may be dozens or more of similar technologies.

This has not always been the case. We recently spoke with Julio Bermudaz (APAC and Latin American Vice President). Width, Digital optimization system. It is the industry’s first and only system that connects products and services directly to commercial products and enhances the business value of digital investments.

During our conversation, the past arose for a while – not for contextual purpose but for longing. We talked about the early days of apps, especially those grown in the US and exported to Asia. It was the model, Bermudaz, “You took a Western company, you added advertising dollars, you got customers at any price, and it doesn’t matter [because it got] He found or found a way out for his investors. The focus was not on good habits. And so, when you look at the application, the user experience was messy, but they were the only game in town.

Customer experience is relatively recent, and it refers to the highest quality users on your brand as a whole. He is the one who distinguishes products today. As Julio put it, “Building digital production is easier than ever. You can sit on top of AWS, you can send almost every aspect of building a product as we wish. [With] Engineers export on time, we can get everything raw from soup to nuts.

If today’s digital product success indicators are as old as those of previous applications, he said, the company’s investments are in wasting dollars on apps or their internet portfolio.

Julio called those metrics “traditional metrics,” giving an example that everyone knows: “You know, Spotify isn’t focusing on signing up for its free trial. You want to think about whether you want to pay for the next three years or not. But if I’m the one who’s using the old way of thinking, the old way of digital marketing, it’s like this: ‘Oh, I’m just worried about that free trial – sign up! In fact, this is how my work is paid for, and my boss sees me and judges me. [on that basis]. The overall system is designed to reward those traditional metrics or sometimes delayed indicators rather than looking for more long-term success indicators.

Explains that Amplitude, a digital enhancement system, takes a different approach. The sales path is dead, long live data science modeling and real-life, real-user behavior analysis

”[With Amplitude]You are actually running advanced data science models. So, you can see that the relationship with this behavior is positive, but it is related to these five other negative characteristics. And of course we expose that; We have a product area where we allow you to see a growing set of features. […] Man. You can think of it as a part of the user or a group of users, which people usually think of only as demographics. You can understand the positive attitude that people are displaying.

That digital product approach is more general than in previous years and is similar to companies and end users. After all, most of the relationships we have now tend to compete with others within a single click or touch. Thanks to the cholera epidemic and its aftermath, the evolution of that condition was unprecedented.

Julian Coronavirus has made a “ten-year change in ten weeks,” said former U.S. Democratic presidential hopeful Andrew Young.

With that in mind, are amplitude analysis engines and methods more relevant now? Julio tells us, “The increasing number of digital interactions in everyone’s life means that improving digital products will improve the quality of life for every user. That is why Amplitude is important.

Build on it # 1 rated digital product analysis set, The company recently introduced the industry’s first digital upgrade system to manage, measure and facilitate digital product innovation business value. The Amplitude Digital Optimization System integrates the information, analytics, and infrastructure needed to tailor each experience in real time to better understand customer behavior in digital products, predict which features and actions will lead to business results, and maximize business impact.

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