“We’ve seen year-round marketing analysis on marketing budgets,” said John Harley, head of Amplitude Product Marketing. “It’s a big expense for many teams.”

Marketing Analysis Tools They have been the cornerstone of groups for years, but digital landscape changes are hampering this trend. Marketers are paying little attention to traditional analysis in support of operations.

“Marketing analytics went from # 2 to # 4 last year,” Harley said. Gartner CMO Expenditure Survey. But it still accounts for a large percentage of marketing budgets. Why does it go down?

To answer this question, Harley cites another Study Only 27% of senior market leaders are satisfied with marketing and data analytics investments. This makes many marketing companies scramble to find solutions.

It is controlling digital transaction costs in this channel shortcut area. And while it simplifies some tasks, it also introduces new challenges for those behind it.

“This adds to the level of complexity that marketers don’t fully understand,” Harley said. “How do we understand how to drive engagement and distribution and budget allocation on all these channels? How do we coordinate them? How do we understand the behavior in these channels?”

“The change we are seeing is that digital products are becoming the center of digital experiences,” he added.

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Digital products ignite digital experiences

Most marketing companies view digital as their own channel. Their work often develops this substance and fails to recognize its superiority – both in the product it sells and in its own business.

Digital Products – Personal and professional offerings that ignite Digital practices – Must be the center of marketing efforts. Streaming services, fitness forums, or workflow collaboration tools, these products are based on consumer experience.

“This is exactly what digital is all about – spending time with these amazing products.

Emphasis on digital product dominance, product analysis
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Develop information-supported products and applications

With this new emphasis on digital products and practices, marketers have the opportunity to use the information they receive from them. Integrating analytics capabilities into products and applications helps brands measure KPIs, predict results, and improve customer experiences.

“If marketing is driving a lot of people into these product experiences – to accelerate that time and maximize customer value – then it’s important to understand how customers use those products and how their use results hurt,” Harley said.

He added, “If we are improving for a lifetime, we need to be able to understand and measure how we drive value in product experiences.

Moving into product analysis

Customer travel is becoming more complex with digital applications. Traditional marketing analyzes, by themselves, often do not take into account the whole Consumer experience.

“It’s complex, it’s confusing, and it’s how people interact with digital products today,” Harley said. “Product analysis is designed to understand that level of behavior.”

He added, “A special type of analysis, called ‘product analysis’, is built to understand how customers interact with products.

Product analysis as the new digital metric for HBR and Gartner
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Product Analysis Platforms provide marketers with more practical data such as cross-country travel, repurchase purchases, retention and participation. And they seem to encourage brand growth.

“We look at product analytics and public companies that use product analytics,” Harley said. They are growing faster than the fast-growing market.

He added: “If you don’t think about digital products as a business, you are building companies that are more reliable, more destructive and more successful than expected.

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