The Maryland Department of Natural Resources has released a new recipe this fall entitled “Wild Maryland” highlighting all the food you can hunt, fish and find.

Locally sourced food is now a hot topic, and Maryland has a unique way of cooking. So it is only natural that the State Department of Natural Resources should come up with a new recipe titled “This Fall”.Wild Maryland”That means you have to save, explore, and highlight the foods you find there.

Megan McGinen-Mels, a spokeswoman for the state Department of Natural Resources and who helped bring the digital product together, said: “So it’s Marylanders’ book and the recipe is for Marylanders to do that by fishing in our waters and hunting on our land.”

Maryland, of course, is known for its seafood, and “We accept the highest bid for our seafood, no wonder, right?” She said.

But this digital recipe book is not limited to your usual crab soups, crab dips and rockfish recipes.

“he said snakefish etoufeeMcGinn-Mills said. Although it has a terrifying name to live on even on land, snake fish is as delicious to eat as humans have tried. “I heard it was a very tender, very tasty fish.” There is also an air frying pan. Snake Head Recipe Guide.

You will also find entries for Hunting And a water bird like a goose.

But if hunting and fishing are not your speed or simply choose a plant-based lifestyle, you are still lucky. There are many recipes for pastors who want to eat what grows on the ground.

“There are many The best mushrooms To go out there and cook, ”said McGinn-Mills. Recipes for other native plants can also be found.

Even better, all free and easy to download online and offline.

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