WESTWOOD, Mass – (ZSuite Technologies, Financial Technology Company has announced that it has completed the third quarter of the year with significant growth in new customers and revenues for financial institutions that specialize in digital espresso products. So far, the supplier has added more than 100% recurring revenue to its list of 26 financial institutions (four out of every 200 US banks). In addition, more than 3,500 small businesses and vendors are now using one of ZSuite’s digital products through their community financial institution.

As financial institutions continue to differentiate, VS services, banks and credit unions are realizing that ZSuite Technologies is a place where direct, focused technology will attract business customers, increase deposits and expand connections. The company’s ZDeposit online accounting platform allows users to manage security deposit collection and compliance rules for multiple tenants. The forum provides excellent transparency between tenants and landlords as it facilitates instant compliance with state laws. ZDeposit continues to gain rapid adoption by 2021 with more than 89% growth in dollar and tenant security accounts by 2021.

In addition, the company successfully launched ZEscrow, The industry’s only fully digital commercial escrow solution. ZEscrow is a web application that responds to digital business scripts and sub-processes. Available to a variety of bodies and organizations looking for a convenient, compliant and multi-functional solution. Taking into account financial institutions, ZSuite has developed ZEscrow with a team of five prospective banks. The work of the company New Hampshire Bank, Haven Savings Bank, Kearny Bank, Leading Bank And Patriotic Bank It has initiated digital innovation in the financial industry by introducing Fintech and banking partnerships to better address specific patient issues.

ZSuite CEO Nathan Bowmester said: Most of our success is due to our long-term knowledge of the financial industry.

A.D. Established in 2019, ZSuite Technologies is based on bringing together both banking professionals and experienced technology executives to help financial institutions compete in the ever-changing landscape. By strengthening the relationship between financial institutions and unsuspecting consumers, ZSuite builds solutions that satisfy the needs of businesses and customers.

About ZSuite Technologies

ZSuite Technologies is a financial technology company that aims to promote digital escort products to specialized businesses that can provide financial technologies to their customers. ZSuite products, ZRent, ZDeposit and ZEscrow, facilitate the collection of recurring payments and automate management and compliance around multi-use escrow sub-accounting processes.

To learn more about ZSuite Technologies and how it will help your financial institution, please visit: https://www.zsuitetech.com.